Project Management and Leadership

Know how to plan, measure and deliver
Work effectively with people
Reflect on actions and change results

For all professionals leading significant projects, influencing, managing and delivering effective outcomes to complex and diverse customers.
A unique program with the opportunity for participants to experience their own style, adjust and change to enhance outcomes.
Intensive pre-program feedback, post-program coaching and online support for the following 12 months to ensure action in new skills and return of investment.

Costing: $5000
Expressions of interest needed prior to program design.
Peter Adamson 0419 902 574
Ingrid 0417 947 310

The KIMBERLEY JOURNEY is a World Class Leadership Training Experience  from International Professionals.

Over many years participants from our Leadership Development Courses continue to provide us with powerful feedback about the long term benefits and long lasting skills and knowledge they have gained from attending. Much of this is based on learning to learn as well as dealing with the unknown, uncertain and changeability of our present World in a challenging environment.

Key areas of learning covered on our experiential leadership development adventures:

Roles and responsibilities
Conflict management
Decision making
Organisational culture and growth
Meeting effectiveness
Information management
Time management
Building committement
Debriefing processes
Gap analysis
Risk management
Change and transformation

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