Adventure West is an international human resource company based in Perth, Brisbane (Australia) and Paris (France). Our clients are organizations investing in outcomes.

We specialize in the growth and effectiveness of people and our work has taken us all over the globe.

Our key focus is on Organizational Growth via Leadership Development, Team Development and Facilitation. Corporate and Cultural Change Management is our passion and we contribute meaningfully to Global Change.

Our Business Coaching and Leadership Training have primarily been focused across Government and Private sectors in Australasia, Europe and North America. However, we have also worked in many other countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, Libya, Albania, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt and Namibia.

Working in Safety Management, Risk Assessment and Accident Prevention has taken us into diverse areas of specialization, such as Coal, Gold, Diamonds, Iron, Alumina, Mineral Sands, Tungsten, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Research and Education, Banking and Finance, Renewable Energy, Power Stations, and Chemicals. We have assisted people in Governments working in the areas of Health, Finance, Science, Agriculture, Energy, Housing, Military and Police, Emergency Services, Environment and Training, Indigenous Affairs, and Community Development.