Adventure West is an International Human Resource Company promoting the growth and effectiveness of PEOPLE primarily working in High Reliability Organisations. Our key focus is on Leadership, Team Development and Facilitation.

Our Experienced Team makes this all possible.


Peter’s experience has been enormously diverse over the past 30 years. He has earned respect for his integrity and passion, and the values and rigour thatpeter-admson he applies to his work. Peter primarily works as a learning facilitator and business coach with leaders and organizations across private and government sectors in Australasia, Asia, Europe and North America. However, he has worked with people from corporations in many other countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, Libya, Albania, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt, and Namibia.

The focus for his work is leadership development, risk assessment and prevention, corporate team building and team development processes, effective relationships, change management, and organizational cultures.

The people and organizations he coaches also work in diverse fields such as Coal, Gold, Diamonds, Iron, Alumina, Mineral Sands, Tungsten, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Research and Education, Banking and Finance, Renewable Energy, Power Stations, and Chemicals. Peter has assisted people in Governments working in the areas of Health, Finance, Science, Agriculture, Energy, Housing, Military and Police, Emergency Services, Environment and Training, Indigenous Affairs, and Community Development.

Peter has a high level of wilderness and industrial skills and knowledge, from a wide variety of international environments and projects. Each project that Peter works with is unique with its own purpose, outcomes and processes. He entered this field of consulting from a background of community development (Kimberley, Australia) and social work then as an educator, since then his work has taken him to many of the major industrial and mining centres in the world.

Over the past decade a small portion of his work includes:

Director – Human Resources, Health, Safety and Security Nui Phao Joint venture Company Ltd, Viet Nam.

Business coach at MD/EGM and VP/GM level several major companies particularly in the Mining, Oil and Gas sectors.

Facilitation between Woodside Petrolium and the Indigenous People on the Dampier Peninsula and the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Intensive Management and Leadership Development for the Executive Team Boroo Gold in Mongolia.

Business coach, Chiefs and Leadership teams within CSIRO.

Business coach CEO of ANTA (Australian National Training Authority).

Facilitating major workforce cultural change and learning projects in BHP Coal, Rio Tinto and other mining houses.

Facilitating and implementing various strategic planning projects, across numerous organisations including Argyle Diamonds, Anaconda, Wiluna Mines, Iluka, Government Departments and CSIRO.

Commissioning as General Manager of the renewable energy initiatives for several remote communities in the north of Australia.

Facilitating change and community development processes within Health (West Australian Govt) and other organisations. (“Bushlights”)

Providing design and implementation for the Leadership components of the Australian Rural Leadership Programme.

Training for the Singapore Police Force (STAR and Ghurkas) in Leadership and Team Building Exercises.

Establishing training standards for Adventure Training for the Australian Military.

Peter is passionate about safety management and injury prevention. In the past two years two of the safety projects he has worked on with ALCOA and CSIRO have been recognised with Awards.


People, their development and interaction have always been Ingrid’s key focus over the past 25 years. With a background in both Sociology and Psychology, having an active working knowledge collected through a diversity of employment she has put together a suite of skills and experience that continues to grow. This in turn adds strength to building skills in other people allowing them to harness their inner abilities and talents.

Over the past 10 years Ingrid has worked with Adventure West facilitating discovery learning (within the scope of ‘Experiential Learning’) in unique, remote and secluded environments. This has offered her the opportunity to work with research bodies, Australia’s largest mining companies, farming communities, the commercial, construction and financial sectors in an ever changing environment.

A major focus has been building and changing workplace cultures and processes, to meet contemporary demands in goals and organisational visions. Building Teams to achieve greater than expected potential and deliver outcomes that exceed benchmarks previously measured for teamwork.


Seriah AdamsonSeriah is the youngest, most adventurous member of the Adventure West Team. She started work in 2004 on a Woodside Petroleum programme, facilitating her first Leadership Course at only 22. Many more were to follow. Seriah is passionate about what drives people and is intensely interested in the relationships which develop as change occurs on the courses. In 2006, Seriah worked on a course in Queensland, Australia, followed by a Kimberley Leadership Adventure, then on, in 2007, to assist the Adventure West Team in Mongolia, and the Kyrgyz Republic. Working in wilderness country amid people speaking different languages with different needs has made Seriah acutely aware of how to get clear messages across, listening attentively and communicating. She enjoys sharing these skills with Adventure West communities all over the world.