Are you ready to transform the way you work to meet the demands of a new economic climate?

Perhaps the one certainty we have in our World is that change is a constant.

We work with Leaders who need to be part of changing organizational behaviour, who require capacity for change, and who are willing to move from simple linear models for problem solving to being able to deal effectively with the complexity of issues and the dilemmas we are all immersed in.

Strategic Planning: Our hardest work is with organizations where managers see the complexity, but the workforce are still engaged at the transactional level. Facilitating transformational change means enabling groups of people to evolve from being victims to being proactive and with more control over achieving their desired destiny.




In a wicked world, structure is uncertain, parameters are non-existent, and the context changes as the customers learn more about their need for success. Wicked and messy problems are characterised by morals, ethics, values and other people needs. Working with people and organizations who need processes and methodologies to find their way through is a core element of our business.


We have a long track record of risk assessment and management, influencing and creating work environments where people will be able to operate in hazardous conditions without needless harm. This has included start up operations, design of facilities, access in high-energy refineries, helicopter operations over extreme and isolated terrain, and is usually behaviour-based with skills training and enabling cultural change. Our list of achievements and experience with high reliability organisations, industry and government with associated long lasting results speaks for itself.


In this area, we are engaged by our clients to assist in situations where people are going about their business in ways which need to change. Change management means recognizing when transactional change is of no use. Once transformational change is enabled, there is no going back.


Change ManagementIn our experience the sad truth is that there are no accidents. In the tragic history of people who died in the course of their work, in remote areas, each event had a cause or a collection of events that came together in combination.

The hindsight of an enquiry does little to change events of the past, but it does provide us with useful knowledge for shaping the future. We utilise this knowledge to engender corporate responsibility for excellent safety management by providing your team has the necessary skills and experience to stay safe.


We are often engaged by indigenous people worldwide, in particular Aboriginal people in order to work on their behalf as partners in dealing with organizations, and we have accepted engagements from industry to work with Indigenous people on their behalf, when we believe there is integrity on the part of our client. This work has taken us to different parts of the world, usually as facilitators, and for us this is an emotionally rewarding and meaningful part to our business.