In this age, change is possibly the one certainty that we have in business, although we would like more. There are times when management in an organization arrive at a space where they can either go backwards or forwards, but they cannot stay where they are. When performance is low, along with morale, we know something is wrong, but we do not always know what it is except we will have to enter a phase of organizational change. And it will not be easy.


copy-of-picture-137-2Transactional change is when we can go backwards and forwards, with transactions and agreements that have limited life terms and where it is easy to revert.

With transformational change there is no going back. Cultural change is transformational; it impacts on the profile of attitudes and behaviours across an organization, with consequences at all levels, and with positive business productivity and outcomes.

We develop transformational change in the culture of an organization through building the capability of the people, not through data dumping or training programmes, but through real learning that will be long lasting, is relevant, and which builds the capability of people. Getting these changes right is critical.


As with all of our projects, we begin our change work with building clarity for where we will end, then work backwards and forwards through analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring. We build the capability and leadership training to facilitate change into the framework of the organization with whom we are working, as a part of this process.