Clients of Adventure West are investing in outcomes, and one of the most important outcomes is sound safety management.

We pride ourselves on spending a great deal of time facilitating organizational development in order to ensure sound safety management and corporate responsibility. Creating high reliability organizations often necessitates leadership training and building abilities at all levels to deal with hazardous environments and risk.

We are regularly contracted to undertake hazardous and risky projects to achieve specific results, such as increased safety, responsibility and accountability.


risk-safetyOur track record amounts to millions of people days working in hazardous environments and high-risk activities, with a zero rate of significant events involving injury or lost time.

This training has varied from underground and at height, rescue skills, fire fighting, jaws of life, survival and safety training, establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), helicopter and winching operations over severe terrain (e.g. Irian Jaya and PNG), safety at sea and a wide range of other activities. Some of our work has been recognised with National and International safety awards for our clients.


Because of our specialised skills and capabilities combined with an enormous network, we are regularly contracted to undertake particularly hazardous and risky projects to achieve particular outcomes. This work has taken us across the world and varied from accessing damaged shaft systems underground, to recovering D 11 machinery from tailings, accessing equatorial glaciers to locate measuring devices, providing response teams for rescue situations, ensuring access at height and below ground for specialist teams, and a wide range of other activities.

We have also investigated deaths and significant injuries for particular organizations as consultants where the situations are unusual (heights or below ground) or in remote areas.

We also provide an “on-call” response for organisations to provide assistance and management inputs when a situation begins to develop.

Adventure West has an excellent success rate and continues to maintain our impeccable safety record.