Safety Training“Experience is what we get just after we most needed it.”

Our research indicates that the majority of people who died from misadventure whilst working in remote areas were the people with the most experience, those who spent the most time there, who perhaps took too much for granted, and who paid an ultimate price for arrogance, ignorance or their own desire to take risks.


In our experience we have found that in the sad history of people who died in the course of their work in remote areas, each event had a cause or a collection of events that came together in combination – in other words, there are no accidents.

The hindsight of an accident enquiry does little to change events of the past, but it does provide us with useful knowledge for shaping safety management in future.


kimbcourse0708-010Our field safety and survival training programmes are intensive and experiential combined with theory, providing long lasting organizational behaviour change toward avoiding unnecessary loss of life and damage to people, the environment and property. We have conducted these programmes globally, each suited to the people, their technology, and the environment they are working in.

This training and the learning is built around people working effectively together within a team development framework of Principles and Priorities.