Tame and Wicked Work

We have wide experience working with organizations and their “wicked” problems. “Wicked” problem environments usually involve issues like ethics, values, people and other “soft” drivers.

Each work environment has different organizational behaviour and situations requiring different approaches, strategic planning, and leadership development.


“Tame” situations have high levels of structure with parameters being very clear, there is no risk and there are high levels of certainty, accountability and responsibility.

Tame situations require “tame” processes. In such a linear environment, structure is understood by all, there is a culture of adherence and a well planned future for example a High School with a timetable and bells sounding every 40 minutes.


Tame and Wicked WorkWicked situations on the other hand have very little in the way of parameters and structure, they are “messy” and it seems that every time we come up with a solution, the problem shifts. Our problem solving experience in this area has included bringing together different cultures (business and ethnic, traditional and contemporary, nationals and expats) to enable working together, different organizations forming alliances and partnerships or the merging of businesses. As with all of our other work, these projects begin with building clarity about outcomes.