Wherever people work together there’s a need for clear direction, clarity of goals and tasks, and an understanding of accountability, responsibility, and roles.

How we do all this and how we engage our clients is the strength we bring to these relationships.


Participants from our long standing Leadership Development Programmes continue to provide us with powerful feedback about long term benefits and long lasting skills and knowledge that included learning to learn and dealing with the unknown, uncertain and changeability of our present World.

Similarly, there is a need for capability and understanding regarding how people work together, or, the processes they will align themselves to for;

Conflict resolution,
Problem solving and much more.


People working together spend a great deal of time in relationships, internally and externally, and even more time ensuring that their personal needs are met. The work of a Leader is across all of these domains and more, driving the values, providing clear vision and engaging people.


Adventure West learning programmes, individually designed to achieve specific Outcomes with each organization, develop abilities and knowledge in all of the aspects of effective team development and business Leadership.

There is considerable use of experiential learning, theoretical knowledge input, and key tools or process instruments that have their basis in a variety of studies with proven use in Industry.