It’s a Simple Equation. An organization is effective when measuring for success (of the organization and business teams within the organization) reveals that the need for success is being met and that measurable success is greater than the sum of the parts of the organization.


Principles and fundamentals too often get lost in the jargon and charge for the future.

Our effectiveness comes from 30 years of experience working across an enormous range of corporate, government and community landscapes. We have seen all the cycles which cause organizations to lose focus and/or productivity, and we provide effective means to break out of these cycles.

The success of the organizations we have assisted is also a measure of our own effectiveness as our clients attest.

We are often asked to work with organizations where the results are lower than the sum of the parts. We have the skills to turn that around, but are more useful in growing effectiveness when engaged before failure occurs.

Business Unit Effectiveness – How is it measured?

We are often asked to step in when there is a need for common goals and clarity of results to be focused, clarity of permission (levels of discretion) and roles/responsibilities, business and people processes, relationships and situational awareness of individual and customer needs.

Audit and Analysis

picture-375-borderThis work is often our starting point, to use effective processes, systems, and our own unknowing to examine what is really happening, versus the perceptions of people lost in the organization who can often have skewed or biased perceptions.

Strategic Planning

We provide a process and methodology for producing a usable strategic plan which may step the organization into an uncertain and unknown future – not more of the same. Our processes are practical, not simply another exercise that goes back into the drawer allowing the organization to shelve it, and slide back to doing what they have always done.


For us, the word “facilitate” means “to make easy”, and that is the essence of how we go about the business of making your business or organization more effective. We work with each client to build clarity of purpose, and work toward desired Outcomes by providing methodologies and processes which achieve the desired results – beyond expectations. Our processes are complex, but we are good at effectiveness and making it easy…

Leadership Training
We work with a wide variety of business leaders in different industries and government sectors, as coaches, mentors and often simply as colleagues available at the end of a phone. Leadership is essentially about taking people where they have never been before, into the unknown future. It is about having vision, inspiring people with that vision, and having the persistence to get there.