Adwest026Change is a constant within business development practices.

Too often organizations arrive at a milestone reporting that it is hard to tell how far they have come because there was never any clarity built in about the starting point, or any relevant measures (what we measure is what we will get).

Similarly, it is not uncommon for leaders to make interventions that in fact are not in the places where the best results for people and business performance is possible.

Audit and Analysis is a common place for us to begin our work with organizations. This often reveals the present state of play from which the desired state of play quickly becomes apparent, along with gap analysis and an action plan to close that gap.


Each project is different; there is no common recipe, however, our processes usually follow the steps of “Frontloading”: where clarity of the desired results, key players, context and the business case are established.


Discovery is about exploring the framework for questioning and observing, clarifying issues and complexity, whilst building a comprehensive picture of opportunities and possibilities.


The third stage is about solutions, providing a selection of strategic plans and action plans and clarity about how they may be implemented, along with monitoring activities and capability development.