The performance of an organization needs to be measured by key stakeholders. To get results requires implementing systems of structure, processes, meaningfulness and fairness.

Corporations, governments and businesses investing in outcomes delivered by Adventure West report increased business productivity and customer satisfaction, due to enhanced employee effectiveness facilitated by the leadership training and individually-catered programmes we provide.


adwest-image-5We work with a wide variety of organizations in developing their organizational and business effectiveness with measurable outcomes in these result areas. Key outcomes are often around decision-making (who decides what) and building clarity of accountability (who will ensure the work happens) and responsibility (who will get it done). We review systems thinking and understanding process vs content concepts, so that the right people can get on with the right work to be successful within their organization.


Many of the systems and processes that people and organizations use to work together to be effective are not new, and need re-conceptualizing.


Our team has a broad range of different industry experience , combined with sound theoretical knowledge. Our work begins with analysis and planning. We then form short-term partnerships to get the desired results, and ensure there is monitoring of those results. Each project is different, requiring a different approach.