To facilitate is to make things easy.

We at Adventure West work across a wide range of organizations with diverse business needs as facilitators, bringing organizations together; working through conflict; strategic planning; learning and generating new knowledge.

After so many years of this work, our highly professional team find that most of our new projects are generated by word of mouth.


kyrgyz5Always, the focus is on Business Case (why organizations are bothering to do this change work and how it will add value) in order to reach desired Outcomes.

The range of organizations we have worked with in this role rolls on for page after page, and each time we have done this work, we have learned something new, which we have then been able to add to our range of knowledge, skills and services.


Yet, with each new project, we start with an unknowing, letting go of our industry experience and knowledge (Mining, Oil and Gas, Government, Banking, Insurance, etc) so that we bring a fresh approach and no expectations, nor set our clients up with paradigms that will limit their desired outcomes.